The Cinematic Fly-The Coolest Thing I Have Ever Made

The Cinematic Fly-The Coolest Thing I Have Ever Made

The Cinematic Fly - The Coolest Thing I Have Ever Made 

This is the coolest thing I have ever made.
So let me explain how creating this photo was such an incredible journey for me.
When I'm trying to be creative, I write, when I have an idea, I write. It helps me see and understand everything differently.
so for my video projects, I have a word document on my PC where all my ideas are written down and hashed out. Every video iv ever made is in there somewhere.
Whether I like it or not, my emotions on the day of writing are always reflected in my work, and can thus come out sometimes quite personal.
Now I have recently discovered word clouds. A word cloud generator will take a body of text and create a word collage, based on how many times you use a word, so the more you use a specific word, the bigger it will appear in the collage. I entered my video idea document into a word cloud generator. The results blew my mind. I never thought Id see such a clear visualization of my mind in front of me. It is incredible. Using some Photoshop magic, I combined the word cloud with a photo of myself. So in my life long addiction to symbolism, there you have it, what's on my mind written on my face for everyone to see.

The Cinematic Fly

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So cool! Beautiful art.


Your such a wonderful human

Marti cannon

Found you on TikTok, your energy is magnetic.


What a fantastic image. World clouds are super interesting and helpful for brainstorming.


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